Our highly specialised team of lawyers have a very diversified and long standing experience on advising through the issuing of legal opinions and otherwise, drafting, negotiating, and monitoring multimillion worth of transactions both locally and internationally, including among others, re-organisations, mergers, including EU - cross border mergers, joint ventures, acquisitions, project financing, co-operations, shareholders affairs, IPO's on major stock exchanges, etc.

We are in a position to provide advice and conduct the negotiations and drafting of all necessary agreements and supplementary documentation relating to asset, property, project and trade financing. We further undertake the registration of securities in Cyprus to banks and other financial institutions wishing to secure loans.

The European Commission has approved under EU state aid rules, a proposal by the Cyprus government to impose a special reduced tax (tonnage tax) on Cyprus companies engaged in international maritime transport until 31 December 2019. This tax replaces the corporate tax imposed on companies and provides companies with the option to be taxed on the net tonnage of the fleet that they operate rather than be taxed on the actual profits of their maritime transport activities.

Our Firm has extensive experience in real estate and commercial property practice.

We advise our clients on all aspects of real estate issues including but not limited to drafting, negotiation, monitoring and supervision of purchases and sales of immovable property including the conclusion of contracts and deeds of sale either residential or commercial.

The expansion of the Real Estate Practice department of the Firm includes the offering of Property management services for non-residents. Clients with properties in Cyprus or new clients interested in buying property now have the opportunity to be provided with a full package of after sale service.

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